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With the emergence of “Matter” backed by Amazon, Apple, Google/Nest and Samsung, the industry is ready for the BEST definitive premium domain in the world.


What is Matter? Matter is the FOUNDATION for connected things. Matter is a unified connectivity technology for the smart home. It is not a smart home platform like Apple HomeKit, Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa. Matter doesn’t automate or control your home; it simply provides the pipes and language for devices to communicate.

Its unique feature is it’s an IP-based technology, meaning it uses the same mechanisms to communicate as the internet. So, there is no dependency on bridges or hubs, and yes, you will be able to get rid of all those boxes hooked up to your modem.

To simplify adoption, Matter will start as an application layer on top of existing IP technologies, including ethernet, Wi-Fi, Thread, and Bluetooth.

Geocentric Media Inc is the exclusive broker of this super premium domain brand, and CEO Fred Mercaldo states, “Now that the major players in the industry have partnered together to establish the standards needed to solve all of the problems that the smart home products face with device to device connectivity and communications, we expect even more aggressive growth than projected. We are delighted to assist in the coming acquisition of this once in a lifetime domain brand and we expect the Buyer will be one of the leading manufacturers and marketers in the space.”

Once in your home, Matter devices can operate entirely locally, talking to each other over Thread and Wi-Fi and not going through the cloud. That means if your internet goes down, your smart home will still work. Devices will still need to communicate with the internet for out-of-home control and firmware and security upgrades, which will happen directly or through a Matter controller device (i.e., a smart speaker, smartphone, or bridge). Local control is a significant step in maintaining privacy in the smart home, a big concern for people when considering installing smart home devices.

Matter is not reinventing the wheel; it is adding better technologies that the smart homes are driving on.

There are over 400 companies that are members of the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA), which oversees Matter, with 210 involved directly in Matter. These companies include: Google, Amazon, Apple, Samsung SmartThings, Signify (Philips Hue), Assa Abloy (Yale/August), Ikea, Legrand (Netatmo), Somfy, Savant (Cync), Resideo (Honeywell Home), Sonos, Eve, Logitech, Nanoleaf, Lutron, Ecobee, Simplisafe, Wyze, Schlage, Yeelight, iRobot, Kwikset, Aqara, D-Link, Plume, Eero, Logitech, TP-Link, LIFX, Level Home, Sengled, Huawei, Comcast, Silicon Labs, Leedarson, Kroger, Huawei, Texas Instruments, NXP, Oppo, Tuya, Wulian, Infineon, Schneider Electric, ADT, Qualcomm, Haier,, Johnson Controls, BRK Brands (First Alert), Samsung Electronics, Jasco, Bosch, Z-Wave, Xiaomi, Facebook, Espressif Systems, Nortek, Osram Sylvania, Roku, TCL, Toshiba, Panasonic, Vivint, Whirlpool, Crestron, Control 4, Miele, Mastercard, Trane, UL, Tesla, LG Electronics

This is great news for the future of the smart home industry. The existing financial numbers and growth projections for the smart home industry are staggering.

2022 Market Size: $126.1B USD
Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) 2022-2026: 13.3%
2026 Market Size Projections: $207.8B USD
Active Households Using The Smart Home Technologies 2022: 14.2%
Active Households Projected in 2026: 25%

As the entire world continues to grow with both internet availability (presently 60%) and broadband capabilities (83%), the products that are available are impressive; the ability to monitor your home, secure your home, control and monitor temperatures that will provide significant lower energy costs and decreased impact on the environment are all very desirable right now.”

As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to expand, just about everything within a home can be automated, and controlled by a smartphone, including devices, appliances, thermostats, audio and visual, home security systems and cameras, appliances, door locks, doorbells and more. While individual systems have been on the market for years, it is now possible to incorporate all system controls from one source.

Geocentric Media Inc’s CEO Fred Mercaldo states: “The importance of owning an exact match keyword name in a $126B industry speaks for itself; it’s the most important decision an organization can make to gain significant market share.”

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Mercaldo and his client will be looking at all offers; expectations based upon industry revenue, growth and potential validate that this will likely be a low 8 figure acquisition by one of the key players in the industry.

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