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Press Release: Is Available For Acquisition

“The Cradle Of Civilization”, region is home to 400M+ residents; is a political and cultural hotbed, and travel and tourism industry at over $80B annually.


Geocentric Media, Inc. today announces the exclusive representation of one of the most important and massive geographical regions in the world. Home to Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Lebanon, Kuwait, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Oman, Palestine, Cypress, Bahrain and more, The Middle East offers a massive opportunity for the right owner to develop a digital portal and cover all relevant information in this important region.

Fred Mercaldo, CEO of Geocentric Media, Inc states: “Our company specializes only in pure geographical domain brands, and we are certain that is one of the most recognizable, credible, memorable, trusted, authority recognition and brandable names in the world. Natural direct type-in traffic, combined with a high level of organic rankings, will ensure the new owner of this incredible name will enjoy dominant market share for everything pertaining to the Middle East, while at the same time, not having the financial burden of constant monthly SEO spend. Whether the new owner desires to focus on the political climate and news delivery and current events, or take advantage of the $80B annual tourist opportunities, having the credibility of this name as your digital brand is the obvious choice for the right organization. This powerful geo-domain brand name is a game changer for a company that desires to be the dominant digital portal for all things related to The Middle East.”

While Mercaldo firmly believes this is a $1M+++ domain name, the owner is motivated to sell this name to the right party, and bids in the mid to high six figures will be considered. To inquire, please communicate directly with Mercaldo at

About Geocentric Media, Inc.
Geocentric Media, Inc is the largest broker in the domain world that deals exclusively in geo branded domain names. Current projects include the largest City(.)com US portfolio ever assembled and offered that includes such brand like,,,,,, and 17 others (see the entire list at along with other mid-sized markets such as and Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Geocentric Media has over 17 years experience in the development, monetization, and brokering of geo-domain names.


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