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Press Release: Super Premium Domain Name Is Available For Acquisition

Global Smart Home Market Size Projected To Reach $187.8B By 2028!

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA, US, November 1, 2022

The domain name, without a doubt one of the best domain names portraying the massive global marketplace for the Smart Home industry, has been acquired by Control4. It seems that SmartLabs and Insteon owned and operated the site for 20+ years and a deal fell through to sell the company earlier this year. We are assuming was acquired by Control4 in an asset liquidation sale, most likely for less than what we believe the valuations of both names are each worth, which we firmly believe to be in the $2.5M to $3M price range. This leaves our name,, as the remaining brand of choice for this massively growing industry.

The Smart Home industry in 2021 generated over $84.5B; it is expected to grow to $138B by 2026 and $187.8B by 2028. The global population demands security, convenience, safety and energy conservation…all of which is fully automated as the Smart Home industry evolves and expands. The advancement of the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA…visit for additional information) and their Matter program is establishing a more interoperable, simple and secure Internet of Things and the Smart Home industry to the next level of sophistication. For too long, devices were invented and brought to market and had difficulty working with and connecting to other Smart Home devices. Now industry standards are being developed and we are thrilled to state that over 400 of the leading IoT and the Smart Home industry are actively involved with the CSA.

Fred Mercaldo, exclusive broker of and CEO of Geocentric Media, Inc states: “The valuation of a domain name involves many factors; besides being the definitive name and phrase of an industry, when that industry will soon be approaching over $200B in global sales, it immediately becomes a multi-million dollar brand. is THE definitive digital brand for this industry that continues to grow, evolve and thrive.” Mercaldo adds: “The importance of owning exact match keywords in a $200B industry speaks for itself; it is the #1 decision an organization can make to gain significant market share overnight.”

Some of the companies leading the way with the CSA are Amazon, Apple, Assa Abloy, Comcast, Google, Haier, Huawei, Ikea of Sweden Infineon, Latch, Kroger, Leedarson, Legrand, LG Electronics, Lutron Electronics, Midea, Nordic Semiconductor, NXP Semiconductors, Opposed, Resideo, Samsung, Schneider, Signify, Silicon Labs, Somfy Group, STMicroelectronics, Texas Instruments, Tuya and Wulian.

Matter has 2 underlying Network technologies, Wi-Fi and Thread. Wi-Fi enables Matter devices to interact over a high-bandwidth local network and allows the Smart Home devices to communicate with the cloud. Thread provides an entry efficient and highly reliable mesh network within the home. Both the Wi-Fi Alliance and Thread Group have partnered with the CSA to help realize the complete vision of Matter.

The entire world continues to grow with both internet availability (presently 65%) and broadband capabilities (85%). The Smart Home products give the end users the ability to monitor their home or business, secure their home or business, control and monitor temperatures that will provide significant lower energy costs and decreased impact on the environment…all of which are very desirable right now.

Mercaldo states: “You would think would command a $10M+++ valuation; it certainly has the immediate potential to generate a multiple of this number in revenue for the right company on an annual basis. We are bringing to the market at $2.8M. We do not expect this name to be available for long, as there are too many major corporations dedicated to the future of the Smart Home industry.” For additional information and acquisition details, please contact Mercaldo at


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