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Press Release: Iconic Domain Brand is Available for Acquisition

Own the Digital Identity of the American Dream and the Heartbeat of Democracy

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, October 16, 2023 — In a digital age where the right domain can make or break brands and shape narratives, a monumental opportunity emerges: This pinnacle of virtual property encapsulates the essence of America’s credibility, prosperity, and global influence.

Power & Prestige: is not merely another domain. It reverberates with the might, integrity, and reverence associated with the world’s leading democratic nation. Owning this domain means more than just virtual space—it’s a pronounced statement of strength and resilience.

A Political Game-Changer:
 With the shifting political landscape of our times, stands as an incomparable opportunity. Whether you’re a political entity, a major news outlet, or an organization, this domain provides:
• Unprecedented Credibility: In the age of misinformation and “Fake News,” stands tall as a beacon of trust. Major news agencies will find in this domain an emblem of unparalleled authenticity.
• Fundraising Powerhouse: The domain’s stature promises to amplify political fundraising efforts. Donors, recognizing the credibility, will rally behind the cause it endorses.
• Undeniable Authority: This is more than a web address. It’s a declaration of supremacy, placing the owner at the forefront of political and thought leadership.

Owner Fred Mercaldo, CEO of Geocentric Media, the leading City, State, Country and Regional Domain Brand Name Broker globally, and recent Broker of, states: “The power of this digital brand is immense. In the right hands, this platform has the potential to draw tens of millions of monthly visitors.”

Broad Potential for Development: is more than a name—it’s an untapped wellspring of opportunity. Imagine:
• Political News Media Hub: Establish a reliable source for American news and global perspectives.
• Political Party Platform: An ideal digital headquarters for a party wanting a memorable digital identity.
• U.S. Travel & Tourism Portal: Showcase the beauty, diversity, and heritage of America, driving international and domestic tourism.
• Made in America Showcase: A dedicated space promoting U.S.-made goods, underscoring quality and craftsmanship.
…and these are just a few of the potential development strategies that this iconic domain can offer.

An investment Worth Every Penny: 
At $2.5M USD, isn’t an expense. It’s an investment in America’s digital legacy, a stake in its narrative—a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for those discerning the unmatched value of premium digital brands. With 331 million residents, it is the third most populous country in the world, however it is the wealthiest country in the world. Its economy accounts for over 25% of the global GDP (global domestic product).

Mercaldo also believes this digital brand is a “generational asset.” “Yes, can certainly be referred to as a “generational asset.” A “generational asset” is typically something of great value and significance that can be passed down through multiple generations, increasing in value over time. Given the prestige, cultural significance, and global recognition associated with “The United States,” a domain like embodies a lasting value. It represents a key digital identity tied to a nation with immense historical, cultural, and economic importance. As digital real estate becomes more critical in the digital age, owning such a domain could be seen as having a unique and enduring asset that could be of value for generations to come,” states Mercaldo.

Travel and Tourism alone account for over $1.1 trillion each year. Domestic trips total 2.29B per year; international trips are 93M annually, and international inbound tourism currently is over 79M tourists per year. News and politics play a major role in the United States, and as the world transitions to digital every day, political advertising spending on digital platforms reached over $2.8B in 2020 alone, and increasing every political cycle. News and just about every form of research and searches for events, businesses, real estate, hotels, sports, investing and more are now are 98%+++ done via smartphones, laptops and digital devices as newspapers and other traditional research sources are disappearing. And with the emergence of the “fake news” realities of the past decade, digital brands and websites with the most credible names are poised to become the most trusted sites, and the credibility of is at the top of the list when considering trust and credibility.

Each domain name is unique; there is only one brand that can be named

The Future Awaits: 
To control is to hold the virtual reins of the most influential nation in history. This is about opportunity, legacy, narrative, authority, credibility, political guidance and influence and generational wealth creation.

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