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Press Release: Offers 5 Domain Portfolios Ready To Enter the Gourmet Food Delivery DTC (Direct To Consumer) Industry

E-Commerce Opportunity To Enter Exploding Shopify Drop Shipping Business; Expected To Reach $200B Industry By 2025


A network of 5 unique portfolios, containing over 100+ domain brands of premium food delivery sites that will offer consumers the opportunity to order Prime Steaks, Lobsters, King Crab Legs, Ahi Tuna, Wagyu Steaks and more from the highest quality food suppliers directly to their front door. This venture can take advantage of the explosive growth in premium food delivery services WORLDWIDE and is now available for acquisition or joint venture opportunities.

Also included are Monthly Subscription Clubs, along with keyword heavy brands that will allow each portfolio to excel in Google search. Consumers do not have ready access to fresh Seafood, Prime Steaks, Salmon and more in their local grocery stores. They may be able to buy choice cuts, or frozen seafood; but none match the highest qualities that these networks will be able to deliver, with overnight or 2 day shipping, right to their doors without ever having to leave their homes.

Fred Mercaldo, CEO of Geocentric Media, Inc, states: “The world is changing. In 2019, 70% of purchases were done in brick and mortar stores, with 30% done online. Now, the numbers have reversed: 70% of all purchases are online; 30% in brick and mortar. By 2023, it is projected to be 83% online; 17% brick and mortar. We have noticed the birth of “Ghost and Cloud Kitchens” and the hundreds of millions of dollars that have been raised to support their concept; ours is better, and here is why: they still have a physical location, overhead, employees, equipment, inventory, spoilage, insurance, and everything associated with a traditional restaurant…plus they have a limited delivery area, usually 5-10 miles in a specific geographic area. has no inventory, is a completely “hands off” drop shipping business, and our marketing reach is worldwide; no inventory, spoilage, or other traditional expenses.”

Utilizing the existing exceptional Shopify Drop Shipping software will allow the buyer to launch digitally quickly without expensive and time consuming custom software development. There are 5 unique portfolios available; they can be acquired individually, or together as a package to better serve numerous custom niches. The portfolios are as follows:

Also included are 2 brands that will power the Monthly Subscription Services:

Also poised to take advantage of text based marketing, the following brands are included:

These portfolios represent exceptional opportunities for existing organizations already operating within the gourmet food delivery industry, or investors/companies desiring to enter the DTC “Direct To Consumer” business. Additional information can be found at For inquiries, contact Mercaldo directly at


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