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Press Release: Bay Area Unprecedented City Domain Portfolio Available For Acquisition, With Leading The Way

Geocentric Media, Inc offering incredible collection of Silicon Valley and Bay Area Pure Digital Brands 


Phoenix, Arizona:  While City(.)com domain names rarely become available for purchase, it is even more rare when a comprehensive portfolio of City brands become available.  Concentrated in one of the wealthiest and tech savvy regions of the United States, this portfolio of 22 City brands include the following:

This portfolio would provide a buyer with an incredible opportunity to present local businesses the ability to market themselves across the entire Bay Area. The demographics of the audience are among the highest anywhere, be it financial, tech, real estate, travel and tourism, and many additional qualities sought after by advertisers.

Fred Mercaldo, CEO of Geocentric Media, Inc. states, “I have had the pleasure of working with the principals of California Media, LLC for the past 10 years, and have assisted them from time to time in acquiring this massive portfolio. They always had the vision and knowledge that assembling a connected, yet hyper local network of pure City brands would be an incredible business opportunity, and they have now decided to offer the portfolio for sale. I have never seen in my many years in the industry, a more comprehensive network in one of the best geographic regions in the country.”

The buyer of this portfolio will have the opportunity to develop a regional based media empire that will digitally serve the Bay Area and Silicon Valley for generations to come. Ideal also for
showcasing local real estate, the opportunities connected with pure brand City domain names are endless. Local businesses will support their local City(.)com brand, as the sites are basically the “digital billboard to the world” for each City. Visitors to each site will be looking for Events, Restaurant Guides, local content and articles, and local businesses such as Dentists, Contractors, CPA’s, Attorneys, Automotive, and basically all service oriented businesses that serve each City.

“Statistics are crystal clear….the way in which we all research new purchases, and checking the credibility of local businesses is overwhelmingly now done digitally; the credibility that these domain names provide will also flow over to the Featured Businesses that participate. Statistics also show that over 80% of all the money consumers spend happens within 20 miles of where they live….making the importance of these City sites more relevant than ever” states Mercaldo. “This portfolio will guarantee the buyer will dominate digital media in one of the most lucrative markets in the world.”

Interested parties can learn more about this opportunity by contacting Fred Mercaldo directly at


About Geocentric Media, Inc.

Fred Mercaldo is the CEO and Founder of Geocentric Media, Inc, a Scottsdale Arizona based corporation that represents many pure City digital brands.  For more information, please visit  Fred can be reached directly at (602) 859-3786.


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Fred Mercaldo

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