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Press Release: and Added to Major City(.)com Domain Portfolio By Geocentric Media

Portfolio Grows To 22 Major Markets;,,, and More Combined In Unprecedented Digital Offering.


SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. May 08, 2019 — Geocentric Media, Inc. announced today that two of the top city domain names in the country, and, have joined an amazing digital portfolio of pure City brand names available as a group for the first time ever. This portfolio covers over 90,000,000 in US population, over 300,000,000 in annual tourists, handles over $90,000,000,000 (billion) in annual tourism dollars spent, and covers residential realestate markets that sells over $2,000,000,000,000 (trillion) annually.
The entire portfolio includes the following City brands:

Fred Mercaldo, CEO of Geocentric Media, Inc, states: “This portfolio gives a buyer an incredible footprint of digital assets on much sought-after pure City branded domain names. These domains provide an unprecedented opportunity to acquire a portfolio of this breadth and magnitude. As the future of news, travel and tourism bookings, real estate and content goes digital at breakneck speed, this portfolio represents a unique opportunity to acquire this significant group of digital names in one single acquisition.”

Mercaldo adds, “The high value of local and hyper-local news and content that each City .com can generate has been long described as ‘ocean front real estate’ because these pure City brands in each marketplace can be positioned to serve large audiences for future generations to come. The credibility, natural type-in traffic, and the allure of residents to ‘support and buy local’ combined with the travel and tourism potential as well as the ability to generate Real Estate leads and transactions makes this portfolio a very attractive acquisition target for a savvy buyer. As the inevitable transition to digital news and media is happening, whoever has the best brand names will prove to be the big winners.”

Geocentric Media, Inc is looking to enter into discussions with major media companies, news organizations, VC and private equity companies that specialize in media and technology, political organizations, and many new companies that have embraced the future of digital publishing. For an Executive Summary and Offering Proposal, please contact Fred Mercaldo directly at

Recent article about this portfolio appeared on Monday, May 6th in industry leading newsletter, DNJournal.


About Geocentric Media, Inc.

Fred Mercaldo is the CEO and Founder of Geocentric Media, Inc, a Scottsdale Arizona based corporation that represents many pure City digital brands.  For more information, please visit  Fred can be reached directly at (602) 859-3786.


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